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I was born and raised in American Fork, Utah. I was a musician for over ten years. I have always been a believer and still have faith in what could help move us forward. So with that being said, I am currently running for U.S. Senate in Utah to better that future and better prepare ourselves, families, friends, and our communities. I will not sit around and watch our great state go under and lose more lives. So I am taking a stand and giving it my best shot for the people. I am not doing this for myself; I am doing this because I believe we can have a great future where we know we will be safe and more prepared if something worse than a coronavirus hits this state. I will not put our people in danger and do anything and everything I can to keep our people safe. I hope you will join me on this journey as we make history in 2022. 

I am running to unseat Mike Lee because Lee has not done anything for the state he is supposed to represent. 




I am running because change needs to happen. There is so much work that needs to get done. I do not accept the future that we are leaning towards, and I will do everything in my power to better the people and our communities for what is to come. We need hope again; we need encouragement, we need to believe that there is a future and a way forward for all. That hope and change that we had believed in are slowly revolving. We need people to have a place they can call home. I can keep saying there is so much that needs to get done for all of this to happen and be possible. But I am sure you are more interested in what I will do as your senator.

As your senator, I will fight for you and your rights and let the people have a voice in the United States Senate. I am more focused on what needs to get done to have the future we want. As your senator, I will work with all of you to ensure that everyone has a way forward. I am running because I believe that there is still hope and belief and better our social and Economic Infrastructure. I do not think that giving our current Senator, Mike Lee, a third term will help Utah. We are falling behind the rest of the country and need to act on it as soon as possible!

What Exactly Am I Striving For?

Before I have decided to run for the U.S. Senate, I have seen people's looks and the hopeless fear for their kids' future. I am striving to bring that hope back and for their kids to have the end we all want. I do not believe in not working with the current senators; rather you are a democrat, republican, libertarian or independent, I am striving for all of us to work together and move forward! Together, we can succeed in something much bigger and better. We can have a future that we all have lost hope in, and this hope is what keeps us moving. It is what gets us out of bed in the morning, and hope is what encourages us; it gives us faith and belief. Without hope, we are lost and start thinking of the worst. 

I believe we can have that hope again. We can fight through this crisis and get back to our lives. I will fight for you and your rights and hope that you will fight alongside me. Let's strive together and bring hope back to our communities. When we all come together and take a stand, there is nothing that we can not accomplish when we work together. I am striving for this, and I hope you will seek with me and get things done in 2022.


Equality Meets Opportunity


I believe that all of us, the people, should all be treated equally. No matter our race, gender, transgender, which language we speak, or who we are. We are all apart of this society, and we are Americans. We should all have the freedom to do things our way. Appropriately, safely, and with compassion. Together we can make a real change and let nothing stand in our way.