My name is Austin Searle



I was born and raised in American Fork, Utah. I was a musician for over 10 years. I have not opened my eyes to what our future is actually leading towards til the covid-19 pandemic has hit our country in early 2020 and so many lives lost because of it. I have always been a believer and still have faith in what could help move us forward. So with that being said, I am currently running for U.S. Senate in Utah to better that future and better prepare ourselves, families, friends and our communities. I will not sit around and watch our great state go under and lose more lives. So I am taking a stand and giving it my best shot for the people. I am not doing this for myself, I am doing this because I believe we can have a great future where we know we will be safe and more prepared if something worse than a coronavirus hits this state. I will not put our people in danger and will do anything and everything I can to keep our people safe. I hope you join me on this journey as we make history in 2022. 


I do not believe in giving up, I do not believe in life being meaningless, I do not believe that things will go the way you expect, I do not believe in no hope, I do not believe in being perfect, I do not believe that our past inhibits our future of success or change being impossible. But what I do believe in is change, encouragement, belief and speaking up no matter the outcome. I do not accept the future that we are leading towards and will do everything in my power to better prepare our people and communities for what is to come! Together, we can thrive for something much bigger and better. I do believe in faith and having faith in our beliefs. This is our chance, a chance for actual change, a change to give faith a fighting chance, a chance to be committed for a better enhanced, valuable vision for our kids future. Let's stand up together and make this chance a reality


Equality Meets Opportunity

I believe that all of us, the people, should all be treated equally. No matter our race, gender, transgender, which language we speak, or where we come from. We are all apart of this society and we are americans, we should all have the freedom to do things our way, appropriately, safely, and with compassion. Together we can make a real change and let nothing stand in our way.


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