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I was born and raised in American Fork, Utah. I was a musician for over ten years. I have always been a believer and still have faith in what could help move us forward. So with that being said, I am currently running for U.S. Senate in Utah to better that future and better prepare ourselves, families, friends, and our communities. I will not sit around and watch our great state go under and lose more lives. So I am taking a stand and giving it my best shot for the people. I am not doing this for myself; I am doing this because I believe we can have a great future where we know we will be safe and more prepared if something worse than a coronavirus hits this state. I will not put our people in danger and do anything and everything I can to keep our people safe. I hope you will join me on this journey as we make history in 2022. 

I am running to unseat Mike Lee because Lee has not done anything for the state he is supposed to represent. Representation is more than profit. We need a Senator who will choose people over profit, giving the people a fresh start, giving them a way forward. I believe we have the power within us but have been too afraid to stand up and make change happen! Mike Lee had first taken office in 2011, and nothing has got done with the minimum wage still sitting at $7.25 an hour while Mitt Romney(R), who is wanting to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour, while Mile Lee(R) does not! Mike Lee has voted repeatedly against Utahns during this crisis and will continue to do so as long as he is in office. We can do better and have the people feel that they are not getting represented. They are losing faith while Mike Lee is not helping. I do not think giving Mike Lee a third term in office will do no good as we have given Lee two terms to prove that he has not done anything. I am the best candidate to take on Mike Lee because I have focused on the people, something Mike Lee cannot. Our state needs a Senator to invest everything; he has to be confident that the people and their kids get the life they deserve.


I have graduated from Lehi High School in 2010 with a "Certificate of Completion"; walked down the aisle to get a Diploma to find out it was not an actual Diploma. I got accepted into college studying Graphic Design. One of the few got taken in college and about to graduate from college when they found out that they cannot keep me as a student because I had a "Certificate of Completion," not an actual Diploma. As you can imagine how I was disappointed, I believe we should ban the Certificate of Completion. Those who worked as hard as other students should graduate what they fought so hard for; throughout middle school and high school, they had been tough and been bullied for being a musician. Mostly rap & hip hop did not go well with people calling you an "Eminem wannabe" I have been a musician for over ten years, started at a very young age. I was doing very well and thriving in my Music Career until I had heart surgery. It was tough to get back on my feet and to get back to normal again. I have recently got into politics a few years ago and helped out many candidates such as Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, and local politics. Once I have seen what Mike Lee is doing in office after this COVID-19 affected our people and communities and Mike Lee has not helped in any way, It just discussed me, so I have decided to run to give Utahns a better way forward.

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I do not believe in giving up; I do not believe in life is meaningless, I do not think that things will go the way you expect, 


I do not believe in no hope; I do not believe in being perfect, I do not think that our past inhibits our future success or that change is impossible. But what I do believe in is change, encouragement, belief, and speaking up no matter the outcome. I do not accept the future that we are leaning towards and will do everything in my power to better prepare our people and communities for what is to come! Together, we can thrive for something much bigger and better. I do believe in faith and having faith in our beliefs. And This is our chance for actual change, an opportunity to give confidence, a fighting chance, a chance to be committed for a better enhanced, valuable vision for our kids' future. Let's stand up together and make this change a reality.