Affordable housing should be a human right! Utahns should not have to be living in the streets or trying to make money on the side to live day-by-day in hotels to have a place to sleep. With housing prices going up and poverty here to stay, we need to make housing affordable for all! Drastically over the past several years, according to the association's reports. In June 2017, the median home price in Utah County was down to $273,000, and in June 2018, it went up to $315,000. It went up, $42,000 within one year! We all know this is not affordable, with the minimum wage sitting at $7.25 per hour since 2008. How can people afford a house? We have to take a stand and let our voices be discernible! I will be your voice, and I will make sure that affordable housing is a human right - IT'S YOUR RIGHT!
My proposal
  • Create Affordable Housing Trusts.
  • Engage Big Tech (and Big Businesses).
  • Offer Incentives, Tax Breaks.
  • Revitalize Neighborhoods.
Create Affordable Housing Trusts
Housing trust funds have been entrenched, ongoing, and public funding sources for low-income housing developments in both states and cities. Utah currently has a plan in place called the Orlene Walker Housing Loan Fund. To get on this plan, you must complete an application with a down payment requirement: A minimum of 3% down payment, of which at least $500 must come from the borrower's funds; this does not include buying or renting trailers, manufactured or modular homes. So how does this plan help the homeless who cannot afford a house? We can add onto this with a free application fee; if approved, a payment of 3% by the buyer; this should also include trailers, manufactured or modular homes.
Engage Big Tech and Big Businesses
While the biggest tech companies, such as Facebook net are worth over $720 Billion as of August 2020 and growing, and Amazon's net is worth $1.7 Trillion. Other tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Alphabet, Alibaba Group, Tencent, TSMC, Samsung, Nvidia, Oracle, Comcast, Cisco, Adobe, Verizon, AT&T, Disney, etc. These are just a portion of big tech companies with a combined of over $9.98 Trillion in net worth alone. Suppose we have these tech companies making the majority of their money off our data and paying close to $0 in taxes. Why can they not help us? The American people? We need to engage these big tech companies to pay their fair share and give us our fair share of data worth. We can Engage them in funding to lower the costs of housing in local states and cities. I will personally go to each of these companies and say, "Look, you either pay us all our fair share of the data and profit you earn from the American people or help us lower the costs of housing." I will use donations from the campaign to have our voices heard.
Offer Incentives, Tax Breaks
Tax incentives reduce taxes for businesses and individuals in exchange for specific desirable actions or vestments on their parts. Their purpose is to encourage those businesses and individuals to engage in socially responsible behavior and benefit the community. With that being said and done, we can lower taxes on businesses and individuals. How will this help to reduce housing? First: Lowering taxes on housing with Tax Incentives will lower the overall housing costs and make it affordable.
Revitalize Neighborhoods
Residents of a community know their hopes and dreams for their neighborhoods. Safe while walking down the street in their areas, affordable homes, a safe community, they know that they are respected, and their kids are safe. A school where our children are safe and students strive for a food market with fresh fruits and vegetables is where we all can seek Humanity's neighborhood revitalization work. A place where the government can work with residents, community leaders, and organizations to improve the lives of the people who live in the neighborhood.  I will work for you, "The People" in the United States Senate. The residents of a community have the right to feel safe. We can rebuild this Revitalization and build it better than before. Local neighborhoods can be much affordable, and we can make this happen if we stand up together, speak up and let our voices be clear. In today's local communities, we see that each community, a bank, grocery store in one, a youth center in another, walking trails, home repairs, and community gardens in yet another. We can change all of this. The possibility is there, and we have to reach for it. Together we can strive and make this happen!



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