Animal Cruelty
We need to protect the animals in the state. Currently, there is a law for Animal Cruelty here in Utah. I am not saying that there needs to be a new law. What I am proposing is that we keep our animals safe. So many animals are repeatedly brutally tortured or killed every single day. Even though there is a law for it, you can quickly get away with Animal Cruelty. Did you know that their owner personally abuses 65% of dogs? Did you know that 97% of farm animals are brutally tortured and killed? Do you know what happens to animals at shelters? We need better care for animals. Animals help us in so many ways; they are there for us through tough times. They care for us, and we should care for them.
Many animals have done nothing and should get treated as if they are a human not property. They are loving, caring and get just as emotional as a human does. We are here to show them how much they are loved and needed.
My proposal
  • Animal​ Cruelty should not be forgiven and should be a crime.
  • Animals who are killed by their owner should not be allowed to own a pet.​
  • Eliminate shelters from putting animals down if they cannot find a home. Instead, create a care facility that will take animals and care for them.
  • Report animal cruelty, abuse, or neglect.
Animal Cruelty Should Not Be Forgiven
Animals should be loved, honored, and show them how much we care. Studies show that animals can reduce anxiety, reduce stress and boost your mood. Without animals, what kind of a place would we live in; we need better care for our animals as they are the soul, harmless pets. We should be giving love, not torture. Animal Cruelty is a crime and should not forgive those who abuse or brutally torture animals.
Animals Who Are Killed by Their Owners
Animals who are brutally tortured and killed by their owners should not be owners in the first place. We deserve to show pets with respect and loyalty. We do not need to abuse animals under my proposal. I propose that those who kill their pets cannot care for animals and be held accountable. In my view, the whole point of owning a pet is to give them love and a home. The end of me proposing Animal Cruelty is to show you just how much they matter, hopefully. Just as much of any of us matter. We need to have better care for our pets.
Eliminate Shelters From Putting Animals Down
Once an animal is no longer cared for or abused and found, animal control will put the animal into an Animal Shelter. Once they are at the shelter for an extended period and cannot get adopted, animal euthanasia happens; this should be a crime and considered Animal Cruelty. Instead, they should send them to an Animal Care Facility, where they can be loved and cared for until they can find a home for the pet. This way, Animal Shelters can have room for other pets and not get over packed by animals and decide to put them down; this is Animal Cruelty. If not, I will make sure that this gets put into law.
Report Animal Cruelty, Abuse or Neglect 
As they say, if you see something, say something. Seeing animal cruelty, abuse, or neglect and not reporting it should also be a crime. Seeing something and not writing it is just as worse as if you were abusing the animal yourself. We need to report abuse. In the animals' eyes, neglecting them shows no one to care for them, and they die from no food or love or care. We should also teach our children at a young age to care for animals so that they can grow to love their pets and be against Animal Cruelty just as much as I and so many others are.



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