What exactly is Climate Change and how can we fix this issue?
We have seen major changes to climate in the early 2000's and to how we see the change in climate today.  In the early 2000's climate had a temperature of Average Monthly High of 48.5 and Average Monthly Low of 31.1 
The climate has changed in ways that we are worried for our kids safety when they leave the house. We need to get climate under control for the safety of our people and communities.
How Can We Stop Climate from Changing day by day?
This is a good question! Although, we cannot guarantee a perfect universe. But there are ways we can eliminate climate from changing. (I am not proposing that we stop the weather), as Utah is known for the lovely snowy mountains so we can go skiing. Or hiking during summer time. What I propose is that we do take full control of climate change. One day it may be sunny and then a hour later a storm hits. This is not what Climate should be like.
My proposal
  • Passing Personal Privacy Act (PPA) into Law.
  • Who​ fails to obey will be held accountable once passed into Law.
  • Those who have already shared and sold personal information will not be able to do so any longer.
  • Ban robo calls as apart of this proposal.
Passing Personal Privacy Act (PPA) Into Law
I will fight like I have never fought before to get this passed into Law. There is no reason why companies would share our information without our consent to do so. It is our privacy and PPA will be passed into Law, and your personal information will be kept private. We get so many phone calls, saying that we owe them money from previously taking a loan. These are fraudulent calls, trying to get you to fall for it. I have fell for it and I am sure some of you have too. This will never get passed with Mike Lee as senator. As your senator I will fight to protect your rights! As any senator should. The people has a right to keep their personal information private and that is not a crime! Selling it without consent is a crime. I work as a Call Center Representative, and most of the fraudulent calls I receive is people asking "Is this email or phone call from you guys?" And they have tricked them into giving remote access to their computer which than stole their identity. Social Security Number, credit card numbers,  phone numbers, bank accounts, everything was stolen. I heard the hopeless, terrifying in their voices. This is not what people should experience.
Who Fails To Obey Will Be Held Accountable
Who takes your personal privacy will be held accountable. No one plans to go and get a loan, or finance or lease and receives a phone call, text or email saying that they owe them money. As a call center representative, I have experience with these type of situations and believe it has made me a better open minded human being since I have started the job. I will protect your rights and that is a promise!
Those Who Have Already Shared And Sold Personal Information
For those that have sold personal information should be held accountable for the suffer and pain they have caused you. Some of you may have been tricked into spending more money than what you should have spent. Companies will share your personal information and this should immediately be passed into Law. As your senator I will fight for this and your private information. PPA is something that needs to be illegal. There is no reason why someone should sell your Personal Privacy. Under my proposal of PPA, this will be illegal. Stand with me and let's fight for your privacy.
Ban Robo Calls
So, what is a robo call? It is a computer program that can operate in a loop, dialing through the list and attaching a spoofed phone number to each call, making it appear on caller ID as if the call is coming from a number within the recipient's area code. Robocalling software can make as many as a million calls in an hour.
This should be banned, and this is apart of my proposal of PPA. We will ban robocalling as it is the same thing, they get your number from buying from companies, who should not be sharing your personal information. Your personal information is your privacy. And this will stop!




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