COVID-19 Relief

We have learned about this pandemic because it is deadly, spreading, no relief, not slowing down. It is spreading, and thousands are dying every single day! The first case was announced on new year's eve of 2019 in Wuhan, China. Here in Utah. The first confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported on March 6 in Davis County, UT. Since March, we have had over 220,000 confirmed cases and nearly 1,000 deaths in Utah alone. We need to keep our people and communities safe from this deadly virus. You may see signs on local businesses saying that a mask is mandatory to enter. As this is good news, the bad news is that the companies still allow their customers in without a cover mask, even though it is "mandatory," here is my proposal on this deadly COVID-19 virus.

My proposal
  • Create​​ Enough Masks to allow everyone to have one, if not have one provided at every local business before entering.
  • Encourage people to wear their masks in public with keeping at least a minimum of 6 feet apart from others.
  • Allow a minimum of 5-10 people inside small restaurants such as fast food places. A minimum of 40-50 people is allowed inside more prominent restaurants, with every other table empty for distancing. 
  • Encourage the government to give cash relief as people are struggling during this time of need.
Create Enough Masks

We can provide enough masks for those entering businesses who do not have a mask present. We can provide companies enough cover masks to help those who enter their business without one. Enough cover masks will be sure everyone has one, which will improve covid relief while shopping or out in public. I will never keep our people locked up during this pandemic but will find a way for us to go about living our lives while staying safe. If we all wear a mask, this will save lives.

Encouraging Those To Wear A Mask

While there are many states on lockdown, this is the last I would want to do. I like to see people out and about. But wearing a mask will ensure your safety as well as others around you. Also, washing hands and keeping at least 6 feet apart from others is how we can get this virus under control. Those who do not wear a mask is more likely to catch COVID than anyone wearing one. I believe we should also lower the prices of cover masks at local businesses selling those masks. Reducing the cost will encourage those to buy them. I understand that this pandemic is globally impacting millions while you can make money from selling these masks. But we need to ensure people can AFFORD ONE!! Thousands have been affected by the pandemic while struggling to put food on the table while figuring out how to purchase a cover mask to save their lives.

Allowing Minimum In Local Businesses
This plan may not seem worth the effort. But hear me out. If local businesses only allowed a minimum of people inside. For example, a restaurant with over 50 tables may allow 25 groups, a couple going out to eat, friends, etc. With every other table empty for distancing. Yes, there may be a longer wait time while waiting to sit and eat. But this will allow not so many people inside at once—smaller businesses like gas stations, fast food, etc. May only allow 5-10 people in at once with every person wearing a mask with a distance of 6 feet apart; this will help slow the pace of covid-19 and simultaneously save lives.
Encourage Cash Relief
Encouraging Emergency cash relief will help millions during this crucial time. Putting money directly in the hands of the American people will help them with their well being and financial situation. With this Covid-19 crisis, people are struggling. Some lost their job, a mother of six making minimum wage struggling to feed her children. What can get worse than the crisis we are currently within? While this pandemic has affected over 20 million Americans, this pandemic had decreased most of them due to this pandemic crisis. We DO NOT need to fail any more of our people. We need cash relief so people can find courage, hope, and a future of success. We need this cash relief during this time, and I will fight for cash relief for all—those on Social Security and those who are making $15 an hour working full time. Cash relief is a must to get through this. Millions have lost hope, and we need to show the people that hope is there, and we will get through this together!



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