Gun Safety
We need new ways of protecting our people from gun violence. Thousands are killed daily from a firearm. I am not saying we need to eliminate any gun, but we need to protect our people from this type of violence.
A more effective way of reducing gun violence in communities would require every buyer of any age to obtain a license that includes registration of all purchases and at least a modest training program. Those who plan to buy a gun of any type should pass a clean background record and proceed to at least a 4-week class and additional two-week training program.
Another way; is to set any firearm to disabled when aiming at a human; this may seem impossible. But would you think a car that can drive itself would be possible? But now we see self-driving cars and trucks on highways; this is only the beginning, and our people will continue to be in harm in the process of gunfire. What does this mean for police officers who also have a firearm? We don't need a gun that will kill our people. We need Humanity, hope, encouragement, and respect for one another. 
What will this mean for Law Enforcement?
Law Enforcement, including police officers, should only carry a Taser. Recently, an officer had mistaken a gun from a taser and had brutally murdered a young man from Minnesota. The company that manufactures Tasers says it has implemented design features and training recommendations to reduce the chances of law enforcement officers confusing the electroshock weapon for a handgun when using force. But after a police officer shot and killed a Black man in Minnesota on Sunday when, according to authorities, she mistakenly drew her gun instead of her Taser, experts said it is clear that problems persist with Taser training and the weapon's design.
My proposal
  • Eliminate threats towards our people and communities.
  • En​courage U.S. Gun manufacturers to create and develop a more safe firearm for our people.
  • Must be at the age of 21+ and pass background to own a firearm with a 4-week class and additional 2-week training program.
  • We are encouraging hope and trust throughout our communities. So our people can feel safe.
Eliminate Threats Towards our People

We should live in a place where we can all get along, with humanity by our side and love with passion upon us. We all are human beings and should all served equally. We should have hope, courage, and empathy. Lately, things have been going down the drain, with violence, threats, miscommunication, no respect for one another. We need to show that all viewpoints are essential. Listen to each other with an open mind, respect and listen to what others have to say, and appreciate others rather than frowning or looking impatient when someone expresses something you don't necessarily agree with, in terms of respecting one another. We need to keep one thing in mind! That is that we all are human and apart of something greater. We all are apart of this society.

Encourage U.S. Gun Manufacturers
In the 9th century, China had invented something called gunpowder. Gunpowder had made of an explosive consisting of powdered saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal mixture. The means of projectile propulsion vary according to designs. However, they traditionally effect pneumatically by a high gas pressure contained within the barrel tube, produced either through the rapid exothermic combustion of propellants (as with firearms) or by mechanical compression (as with air guns). The high-pressure gas is introduced behind the projectile, pushing and accelerating it down the length of the tube, imparting sufficient launch velocity to sustain its further travel towards the target once the propelling gas ceases acting upon it after it exits the muzzle.
We can invest in something different, something safer when aimed at a human being. While aiming at a human, we should have sensors located inside the firearm. When seeking at a human, the sensors come on and locks the trigger. I know these sounds make-believe. But sensors are something we can invent inside each firearm for safety. The same reason a garage door would have sensors when something is blocking the garage door from shutting. We can make this happen for the fact of keeping gun violence and killing from happening in our communities.
Background Check + 4 Week Class + 2 Week Training Program
In this state, you can walk in without taking a class and be there for no more than 15-20 minutes, and you will leave with nothing left to do to get your standard Utah Concealed Carry Permit; this allows anyone 21 and up who can walk in with $53.25 application fee and background check and leave in 20 minutes with a permit.
We should have a better plan set in place. I agree, who wants to own a firearm should be able to own one if they are responsible enough to carry a gun. But we need classes and training programs set in place before receiving a permit. You may think this is just another driving test. But if we had a 4-week course and learned how to handle a firearm properly. And an additional two-week training program to correctly firing a gun. If we can make this happen, we would see none of our people dying. And those people who still own a firearm will still be allowed to own it, but what would we do with the people who already own a gun after sensors are positioned in-place for a weapon? Those people will be required to get sensors installed into their weapons.
Hope And Trust For Our People
The whole point of this policy is for our people to feel safe in their communities. Right now, they are afraid, frightened, hopeless, scared. We can change this. It's a human right to feel safe in their neighborhood or their homes without worried if someone will break-in. We need to eliminate firearms that will harm the people. We need brighter ideas that will work for all. With this policy, we can better protect the people and our communities from Gun Violence. More people die from a firearm or weapon than any car accident, suicide, drowning, cancer, Etc. Just know that we will have hope again, and this time we can have hope to be on our side.



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