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Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a government program in which every citizen receives a set amount of money every month. The goals of a basic income program are to eliminate poverty.

What Does This Mean For Welfare Programs?

Anyone who is currently on a welfare program, such as the SSDI and SSI, would choose to stay on their welfare program or get a Universal Basic Income. Many people would prefer to take UBI over their SSDI or SSI even if they are making more than $1,200 a month because a UBI has no preconditions. A UBI will not replace any programs. It is only a choice, like any other program.​

Who Came Up With The Idea Of A Universal Basic Income?

You may have heard about a UBI from former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. However, this was not Yang's idea, and it is not my idea; this is the people's idea. The American citizens of this country. The UBI was also Martin Luther King's idea. He called it "A Guaranteed Income". This is what Mr. King was fighting for in his final week before his assassination. He dreamed that the government would eradicate poverty by providing every American a guaranteed, middle-class income. We can make this dream a reality by carrying out what Martin Luther King was fighting for, a basic income. With your help, we can provide a Universal Basic Income for all Americans.

My proposal

Adults 18+ $1,200 and Up to 17 $500

Encouraging Big Tech Companies

Our Data Included

Means Testing Universal Basic Income

Adults 18+ $1,200 and Up to 17 $500

I propose that every adult get $1,200 while those under 18 get $500; this will improve and trickle up the economy — up for our families, communities, and our people. We can make a UBI a reality! If we keep on fighting for every citizen of this country, we can make this happen. Ask yourself, "What would I do with $1,200 a month?". Those who have children will get more if added together, which will end poverty and give people hope, allowing them to achieve their dreams, accomplish their goals, and put food on the table during this time of need. Homeless people will no longer have to try to find money to sleep somewhere. They would have a home they can be proud of; this is the future and, ultimately, the way forward.

Encouraging Big Tech Companies

While this may seem like a long shot, companies or ultimately anyone who is a millionaire gets tax breaks, literally paying $0 in taxes. Do you know what Jeff Bezos, Co-Founder, and CEO of Amazon, mentioned in an interview? He said that Amazon had paid nothing, literally nothing in taxes, because it was the law. Can you believe that one of the biggest, most profitable companies in the world has paid less taxes than you? Someone who is trying to work hard on a minimum wage supporting their children and paying taxes compared to a trillion-dollar company paying nothing in taxes? I believe this can change, and I will promise you this; we will make sure they pay their fair share of taxes, more than any of us, and if not, they will give us the profit they are making from our data.

Our Data Included

We have the right to the data we share. What do I mean by giant tech companies making a profit from our data? Mat Travizano once said, "Well ultimately, these companies used to influence your behavior. Ad targeting practices. One innocuous Google search becomes an onslaught of ads stalking you around the internet, to treacherous fake news and fake accounts impacting elections. All aspects of your user experience are lower, to automated algorithms focused on "engagement", with little-to-no regard for the larger consequences and long-term impact. You are left to suffer the ramifications while they are allowed to profit".
Anything and everything you do on the internet is being shared and sold to companies. However, have you gotten your data check in the mailbox or your bank account? The answer is "No". Billions are surfing the web every day without knowing that they share their data; this needs to stop! If they can profit off us, why can we not get a Basic Income from this? Let us stand together and fight for what is ours.

Means Testing Universal Basic Income

I will personally be giving families in need and struggling a means-tested UBI of $1,200 per adult and $500 per child. This campaign will provide the test of a Universal Basic Income to all citizens. This means that those struggling the most will be contacted by campaign staff to means-test the UBI with their family for six months. After six months, we will then interview them and see how the Basic Income has affected their lives and what has changed in their daily lives with this means-tested UBI.


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