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Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a government program in which every citizen receives a set amount of money every month. The goals of a basic income program are to eliminate poverty.

What Does This Mean For Welfare Programs?

Anyone who is currently on a welfare program, such as the SSDI and SSI, would choose to stay on their welfare program or get a Universal Basic Income. Many people would prefer to take UBI over their SSDI or SSI even if they are making more than $1,200 a month because a UBI has no preconditions. A UBI will not replace any programs. It is only a choice, like any other program.​

Who Came Up With The Idea Of A Universal Basic Income?

You may have heard about a UBI from former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. However, this was not Yang's idea, and it is not my idea; this is the people's idea. The American citizens of this country. The UBI was also Martin Luther King's idea. He called it "A Guaranteed Income". This is what Mr. King was fighting for in his final week before his assassination. He dreamed that the government would eradicate poverty by providing every American a guaranteed, middle-class income. We can make this dream a reality by carrying out what Martin Luther King was fighting for, a basic income. With your help, we can provide a Universal Basic Income for all Americans.

My proposal

Maximize Social Security Benefits

Maximize Social Security Benefits

Maximizing our Social Security benefits and maintaining our current income will be my main priority. Maximizing this will allow us to increase our Social Security benefits each year while maintaining our other earnings that will not decrease our current SS benefits. I will fight to protect our Social Security Administration, but this is a way to expand on it and allow our people with a disability to stay on their current earnings from the Social Security Administration. We need to protect our benefits for the age of 62, disability, retirement, or being blind


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