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Affordable housing should be a human right! Utahns should not have to be living on the streets or trying to make money on the side to live day-by-day in hotels to have a place to sleep. With housing prices going up and poverty here to stay, we need to make housing affordable for all! Drastically, over the past several years, according to the association's reports, in June 2017, the median home price in Utah County was down to $273,000. In June 2018, it went up to $315,000. It went up, $42,000 within one year! We all know this is not affordable, with the minimum wage sitting at $7.25 per hour since 2008. How can people afford a house? We have to take a stand and let our voices be discernible. I will be your voice, and I will make sure that affordable housing is a human right – IT IS YOUR RIGHT!

My proposal

Maximize Social Security Benefits

Maximize Social Security Benefits

Maximizing our Social Security benefits and maintaining our current income will be my main priority. Maximizing this will allow us to increase our Social Security benefits each year while maintaining our other earnings that will not decrease our current SS benefits. I will fight to protect our Social Security Administration, but this is a way to expand on it and allow our people with a disability to stay on their current earnings from the Social Security Administration. We need to protect our benefits for the age of 62, disability, retirement, or being blind


Social Security is based upon the workers' total income. Suppose someone is disabled and cannot work but has a wife/husband or anyone else currently in the household who does work. In that case, they will be added to their application to...


We need to increase the minimum wage for all. Right now, the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, and it has not increased since 2008 when it went up from $6.55 to $7.25, and it has only gone up by $0.70 since 2008! And it...


A more effective way of reducing gun violence in communities would require every buyer of any age to obtain a license that includes the registration of all purchases and at least a modest training program. Those who plan to buy a gun of...