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Those with a disability of any type need to be equal. They need enough resources to help them, which may seem like not much of a proposal or policy. However, I believe in our school system giving those with a disability more resource classes. We have special needs classes for those with special needs, but what I am proposing goes beyond those classes. We need an educated tutoring class provided to those with a learning disability. We need to think about how we act or what we say around those with a disability. Some of them may be hard to understand and may operate in a way that you may not know what to do to help them.

With academic tutoring, we will have tutors that can handle these types of situations. Right now, in our schools, they help a student with teaching when they have disabilities, and that is great. But we need more in Special Ed when they have special needs, and that needs to change. We need to have each special needs student with an educated tutor while taking regular classes and providing after-school education for extra tutoring. Right now, for special needs, they take them out on a field trip. Which is great, do not get me wrong! But we need fewer field trips and more teaching.

We also need to encourage those with special needs when it comes to graduating high school and getting a Diploma, not a Certificate of Completion. No college will accept a "Certificate of Completion"; it is not a diploma. They do walk down the aisle to get the certificate like other students. However, the school board will only provide them with a "Certificate of Completion". Some of you may know what a Certificate of Completion is, and some may not; this is just basically saying that they completed high school, but it is not an approved diploma. We need to fix this! Special needs work just as hard as all of us. However, they are less educated because our school board does not provide enough resources for those who are disabled to get more education.

I propose that we change this current system they have set in place for special needs. They have a life just like all of us and need a way forward! Our school board has not provided this in decades; in fact, they have not provided this at all! Let us show those with a disability and particularly special needs students, that we care. We will give them the education they deserve. Fight with me on this, and let us show them that we are here for them just as we are with others. They matter just as much as anyone of us and should not be treated any differently.

My proposal

Provide Education Tutoring And After Class Resources

Eliminate Certificate Of Completion For A Diploma

Fewer Field Trips And More Learning

Maintain An Organized Classroom And Limit Distractions

Provide Education Tutoring And After Class Resources

As of now, we have tutored those with special needs, but non-educated students are helping those with a disability. Not that this is a bad thing. I believe that we can provide the best tutoring to those who are less understanding and distracted by what is going on around them. With the school board giving tutoring is a great way. However, tutoring has a meaning to the word. We should put those who have experience working around disabled students to work outside of Special Ed in regular classrooms. Let us give those with special needs less time in Special Ed and more in standard classrooms with regular students, with an educated tutor sitting with them and helping them. As well as having after-class resources, we should provide after-class resource classes of 1-2 hours a week for additional learning on the things they struggle with the most.

Eliminate Certificate Of Completion For A Diploma

I believe all students deserve a fair educational system. Some may have been born with a learning disability, and some may have developed a disability at some point in their life. However, either way, we need to treat them as if they are regular students. They need enough resources to be able to graduate. Once they do, they will graduate with a diploma, not a Certificate of Completion. They can go to college and proceed with their lives and make a living at what they are empowered to be; this is my belief. I believe they can continue learning skills to empower themselves greater and come out the other side with interminable, cosmic opportunities.

Fewer Field Trips And More Learning

Although field trips are a great way to get out of school and explore, my proposal is not to eliminate field trips. I propose that we focus more on learning to educate those with a disability and have fewer field trips. If we do, field trips will be a learning experience, educated knowing. We need to think with fewer distractions. Distractions are what cause those with a disability to focus their mind on what is least important. Our school board believes it is good to let them go out on a field trip to have fun. And I 100% agree that everyone should have fun. But while inside school grounds, they should learn. Right now, there are high school special needs students who have the mind of a 5th grader — I am not saying this out of context; I am saying this out of personal experience. The main reason a high school special needs student has a mind of a 5th grader is due to the current educational system, which does not give them the resources they need to learn. This learning is on a curve based on functional performance. This information is invaluable because it guides the learning process of our children. We can better our educational platform by giving them the educational process to succeed, which they need.

Maintain An Organized Classroom And Limit Distractions

We need to eliminate distractions as this is the main reason someone with a disability is less likely to learn as their brain functions differently than most. Not only do they think differently, but they act according to their thinking. Limiting distractions will help them focus more. Maintaining an organized classroom will limit these distractions; they space off and think about something other than school learning if distractions are involved in their environment.


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