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We can pass a bill to have Medicare-For-All passed through the Senate; a statement must be introduced in either chamber of Congress by a senator or representative who sponsors it. Once the report gets provided, a committee is assigned whose members will research, discuss, and change the bill. The bill is then put before that chamber to get voted on. With that said, for a progressive program of government-provided healthcare to make it into law, survive, and thrive, it must be popular. The first task for Democrats is deciding how to market their vision of government-provided, universal healthcare.

Trump and the Republicans hope to inflict perhaps irreparable harm to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and have already done much damage. And even when the law was working at its best, it left over 28 million people without insurance. One of the ACA's fundamental failings is that, despite its name, it does far too little to make coverage genuinely affordable for many. The ACA is the comprehensive healthcare reform signed into law by President Barack Obama in March 2010.

How Will We Pay For Medicare For All?

Medicare For All would be funded by the federal government, using money that otherwise would go to Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal programs that pay for health services. We can eliminate employer-sponsored health insurance. Employer-paid premiums for health insurance are exempt from national income and payroll taxes. By eliminating employer-sponsored health insurance, it will lower payroll taxes and have the federal programs pay for Medicare For All; This expanded and improved Medicare For All Act, also known as Medicare For All, or United States National Health Care Act, was a bill first introduced in the United States House of Representatives by former representative John Conyers (D-MI) in 2003, with 25 cosponsors. Hillary Clinton was also for Medicare For All, and so was former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. M4A is the way forward. Medicare For All is not only a choice, but it is also a human right to be able to go to a doctors' office when you are sick or to the hospital when $10,000 of surgery is necessary.

What Does This Mean For The Existing Healthcare Programs?

According to the Congressional Budget Office, private insurers typically pay more for physician services than Medicare, with the federal health insurance program for the elderly. If Medicare For All is implemented, doctors will get paid government rates for all their patients. As with my proposal of Universal Basic Income, this will not eliminate other healthcare providers or private insurance; it is your choice to get on Universal Healthcare, also known as Medicare For All.

My proposal

Maximize Social Security Benefits

Maximize Social Security Benefits

Maximizing our Social Security benefits and maintaining our current income will be my main priority. Maximizing this will allow us to increase our Social Security benefits each year while maintaining our other earnings that will not decrease our current SS benefits. I will fight to protect our Social Security Administration, but this is a way to expand on it and allow our people with a disability to stay on their current earnings from the Social Security Administration. We need to protect our benefits for the age of 62, disability, retirement, or being blind


Congress will be instrumental in designing and funding any new federal infrastructure package. Infrastructure investments can reduce emissions and improve resilience to the climate impacts we’re already experiencing. For instance, a modernized grid can better distribute renewable power and make communities more resilient to extreme weather. Any new infrastructure should...


Ranked-choice voting is an electoral system that allows people to vote for multiple candidates in order of preference. Instead of just choosing whom you want to win, you fill out the ballot saying who is your first choice, second choice, or third choice (or more as needed) for each position...


You may have heard about a UBI from former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. However, this was not Yang's idea, and it is not my idea; this is the people's idea. The American citizens of this country. The UBI was also Martin Luther King's...