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What Is Ranked-Choice Voting? (RCV)

Ranked-choice voting allows those running for office a fair shot. Reducing negative campaigning allows unknown candidates to run for office, and advocates, including Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who has championed this as a critical policy initiative, say it could help prevent evermore polarized election campaigns. In New York, more than 73% of voters, including those in other countries such as Maine, New Zealand, and Australia, have adopted ranked-choice voting.

Ranked-choice voting is an electoral system that allows people to vote for multiple candidates in order of preference. Instead of just choosing whom you want to win, you fill out the ballot saying who is your first choice, second choice, or third choice (or more as needed) for each position.

How Can We Make This Work?

I propose that we pass ranked-choice voting here in Utah as other states have voted to pass it. In addition to the voters for the 2020 Democratic primaries, many states have used ranked-choice voting. For the 2020 Democratic caucuses, according to FairVote, this nonpartisan group will advocate for election reform. We can make this work for the voters who plan to vote in the 2022 primaries as well.

My proposal

Maximize Social Security Benefits

Maximize Social Security Benefits

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