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Social Security is based upon the workers' total income. Suppose someone is disabled and cannot work but has a wife/husband or anyone else currently in the household who does work. In that case, they will be added to their application to decide how much they are approved for.

I say this should not be the case. Suppose one person has a disability and cannot work. In that case, they should still receive full benefits and not be delayed or denied due to their household income. Our Social Security system works by being approved for a certain amount, depending on the household income. If someone has a disability and gets on Social Security, they will have a lower amount than what they are approved for; this could mean some who may file for retirement benefits.

My proposal

Maximize Social Security Benefits

Maximize Social Security Benefits

Maximizing our Social Security benefits and maintaining our current income will be my main priority. Maximizing this will allow us to increase our Social Security benefits each year while maintaining our other earnings that will not decrease our current SS benefits. I will fight to protect our Social Security Administration, but this is a way to expand on it and allow our people with a disability to stay on their current earnings from the Social Security Administration. We need to protect our benefits for the age of 62, disability, retirement, or being blind


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