Legalize Gambling
There are 50 states in the United States and 48 of them allow gambling. Utah is not one of them. Why? Because of their established culture? Because mormon population in Utah? Gambling is a humans choice. People can make the choice of how to spend their earnings.
I propose that we Legalize Gambling here in Utah because not only will people enjoy spending their money gambling, but others will not have to travel to gamble. Why do they actually sell gambling equipment in stores but is actually illegal? That makes no sense to me. We can legalize gambling, so that you and your friends and family and choose to or not. It is simply a choice not a inferior. We can easily legalize gambling in Utah. Mainly in the bigger cities. Such as Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo, West Jordan, Ogden, etc.
My proposal
  • L​egalize Gambling in big city populations in Utah.
  • Release a vote petition for gambling to be legalized.
  • Get congress on board so we can work together to pass it onto the White House for it to be passed into Law.
  • Gambling has never done bad to our culture or populations here in Utah. 
Legalize Gambling In Big City Populations
There is a population of over 100,000 people in Salt Lake City, UT. And most of them love to have fun. Gambling has never done any crime. With having casinos located in Big City Populations here in Utah, will eliminate stress for those who want to go and let off some heat and gamble. Having cassinos only in big cities across Utah will give those who live in small cities still a travel distance to a casino. This will raise the population in Utah and potentially the State will raise more money. We can make this a great state as it already is with legalizing gambling.  
Release a Vote Petition for Gambling To Be Legalized
If we can legalize marinara in Utah, why can we not legalize gambling? I propose that we release Voting Petition for the people to vote for Gambling casinos here in Utah. This will give the people the choice if rather this should be legalized or not. I believe the people should have a voice in the United States Senate, and this is a good step forward. I will make sure that this petition goes out to Utahns to vote rather casinos should be legalized for gambling or not. This is simply a choice, so let's make it a choice and vote on it.
Getting Congress on Board
By getting congress on board with this will go along way! We can all come together to get this pass. Now I am not saying it will be legalized in a easy way. It will take time and we can get this legalized. Let's all come together and fight for the right for the people to choose how they spend their money. I will fight for this and hope you will fight alongside me. We can stop viewing each others as enemies or allies and come together as a community as if we are all one big family. Stand with me and let's get this passed!
Gambling Has Never Done Anything Bad to Utah
So many Utahns have been into gambling and would have to travel out of state in order to gamble or have fun. Gamblers have the right to gamble. It has never been a crime, as I have previous mentioned. Utah is a great state and I will continue to believe that and fight for Utah as I continue to live. I will fight throughout my career for Utahns. Utah has been known for its population culture and mormons and will continue to stay that way. But giving the Utahns a choice is a good thing and should not be illegal. Utah is falling behind from the rest of the country, and I think we should elect the next Senator who will do what they are elected to do. They are not elected to do the opposite. We need someone who will represent Utah as a whole, in a way that the Utahns deserve. They deserve happiness, freedom and a decision to make their choice to do what they want.




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