Why Austin Decided To Run For U.S. Senate

I have decided to run for U.S. Senate because of the tragic mess Mike Lee had left behind. There is so many people that thinks Utah is doing great but do not realize the actual work that needs to get done. Utah has fallen behind other states in America for so many reasons. If it was not for Utah's current Senator, Mike Lee. Austin would have never decided to run. Mike Lee has blocked minimum wage from increasing while Utahns struggle during this time of life and death. He has not bothered to see the bigger picture while Mike Lee has voted against a Relief Bill for Utah and his current supporters. People voted for Mike Lee in faith that he will make a difference, that he will bring hope to those who have lost it and still trying to find that hope again, he had repeatedly disillusioned utahns. And I will not step aside and let Mike Lee get a third term while the state he represents, struggles while trying to find Relief. We need actual leadership and I have watched Mike lee take two terms in hopes of him doing what's right for ALL UTAHNS! I will not accept Mike Lee as our third term Senator. That is the reason I decided to run as a democratic candidate for U.S. Senate who will represent all utahns and bring that hope and faith to people's lives. I will fight for Cash Relief, Medicare-For-All, Personal Privacy Act (PPA), Disability Resources, etc. The platform I am running on will get Utah moving forward and encourage other senators to do the same. I have lived in Utah my entire life and will fight for a better way forward for all! We can beat Mike Lee in 2022 and see that way forward and give people hope that Utah will get better. I promise that I will fight as your senator, I will step up and let the people have a voice in the United States Senate. I will not stop fighting for a better future for us, our kids and communities. That future is not completely gone and still time to fight for our rights as Americans and fellow Utahns.

Mike Lee has voted against Utahns and a covid-relief bill of $2,0